How much should you expect from your accountant?

It is surprising and disheartening to us that many of the small business owners we meet with only sit down with their accountant at tax time. By then, they have likely missed many tax savings strategies they might have implemented during the year. Even sadder, they have been missing the type of timely feedback and advice that they really need to make their business succeed and flourish throughout the year. They may have paid their bills and employees on time during the year, balanced their bank statements, made the requisite tax deposits and even received a standard P & L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow statement every month, but no one has taken the time to help them understand what those numbers mean. No one has provided the kind of financial counsel that they need and, sadly, they don't even know what they should be asking. So it isn't a surprise that, according to the SBA, 50% of small businesses fail in the first five years. We want to change that statistic and believe that, by sitting down with our clients on a monthly basis to review their financial results, we can have a positive impact on their financial results and increase their confidence and comfort that someone has their back.