We help privately held businesses rise to their full potential by matching their needs with our resources.

We accomplish this by carefully evaluating their business model and specific needs, and then providing superior resources, that have been screened, vetted and trained, to fill their needs. This can be done at whatever amount of time that they need and can be scaled up as they grow. This is done without the fully-burdened cost, compliance and supervisory infrastructure that they would need if they filled the position internally, and provides them with just the right amount of support, at the appropriate level, to keep their expenditures down without sacrificing quality.

We make sure that all levels of support, from our payroll clerks and bookkeepers through staff accountants, have an experienced manager, generally a CPA, supervising their work product. We provide all of our resources with best-of-class tools and training, that they can leverage in supporting the client. We also encourage monthly financial reviews with our CFO resources, to help interpret the financial reports and provide "color" on the numbers. These meetings often provide opportunities to plan ahead for changes that may impact the company and allow for the kind of senior financial counseling that many smaller businesses crave.

Through our extended strategic alliances and partnerships, we can bring to bear additional resources in other areas (e.g. IT, Compliance, Recruiting, Marketing) to seamlessly support ALL the client's needs.  that they need without the cost.  We provide companies with the highest quality back-office support, at a fraction of the cost, so they can focus on doing what they are best at; increasing their sales and serving THEIR customers.